Can nv.digital charts be installed on win 8/10?

Yes nv.digital charts can be installed on win 8/10. But please also check if the navigation software you are using is compatible. Chart Navigator (light, Standard, Professional) runs on Windows 8/10, and so does the nvcharts app. 8/10.

I get an error message wen installing charts with a dongle that has a license for the charts.

The setup program makes some enterys on our computer. This sometimes courses trouble.

How to proceed:

-disconnect the dongle from your pc.
-start the installation. If you agree to the licence, you are ask for the product ID. DON'T enter a Product ID jet.
-right click in the window and select back. You will be back at the licence agreement.
- connect the dongle and proceed with the installation. You will not be asked for a product ID any longer, since this is allready saved on you dongle.

When installing more charts on this computer these steps shall no longer be necessary.

What program version do i need to read nv.digital

Chart Navigator light/Standard/Professional Version 1.1.63
There is a free update available
NV. Pocket Navigator Version 5.2.6 nv.digital.
There is a free update available

How often can nv.charts be registered?

Our can register the charts on two different computers or use a usb dongle if you use multiple different computers.

What can I do if I see colorful stipes?

There can be 4 reasons for colorful charts

1) The software can not read nv.digital. Our charts are supplied in nv.digital since 2008. (not BSB any longer)

2) The charts are regristrated on a dongle. You need to connect the dongle to your pc before you start the navigation software.You can disconnect it later. (not with all navigation softwares)
3) The chart data has been moved ore the installation folder renamed. We recommend to use  (C:/Chartkit/Bsbchart) as a standard folder.

4) You are not having sufficent rights on a Win 7 or vista machine

How do I get charts on my computer without a cd reader

You can copy the content of the cd to a USB stick and proceed with the installation from the USB stick.
You can contact us for a download link.

Note: Charts from 2008 or before need to be copied in identical files structures in the in the \root folder.