Online and free NV Charts Web App for your trip planning

23.05.2020 / NV Verlag / NV Charts

Enjoy the NV Charts App also as an online web viewer chart app simply in your browser free of charge for planning a cruise or exploring a new sea area and as an online harbour and marina guide. By registering with the free NV Charts Web App online nautical chart app, you can also easily synchronize all data to your mobile devices and start navigating on board directly. NV Charts Web App is the online version of the popular NV Charts App and is the ideal complement to use on your mobile devices online in your browser featuring the latest chart data and intuitive operation. All community layer information with ports, harbours, anchorages, navigation waring, photos, shops and places of interest are displayed directly online in the NV Charts App, and information can also be added by you or commented. You can share your favorite harbors and anchorages from the marine navigation app by simply clicking on a link and coordinate your trip planning with everyone on board. Together with the NV Charts community website a detailed planning tool is available right here.

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